SCHEDULE 2Accruing resources of the Scottish Administration which may be used without individual limit

Part 2Scottish Executive Development Department

Type of accruing resourcesPurpose
Overall amount: £100
1. Income from the sale of research results and publications; other minor miscellaneous incomeExpenditure on miscellaneous Development Department programmes
2. Capital sums accruing to Communities ScotlandExpenditure on housing
3. Recovery of unused grant from voluntary organisationsExpenditure on voluntary sector
4. Recovery of grant awarded to councils and Registered Social Landlords under the New Housing Partnerships initiative and Community OwnershipRelated housing expenditure
5. Income from local authorities in respect of right to buy sales following housing stock transferExpenditure on housing
6. Receipts from local authorities arising out of housing stock transfersRepayment of local authority housing debt and associated costs
7. Receipts from Energy Action Grant Agency in respect of energy efficiency mattersExpenditure on central heating programme
8. Fees for functions carried out by the Scottish Building Standards AgencyExpenditure of the Scottish Building Standards Agency
9. Receipts from interest on loans to registered social landlordsExpenditure on housing
10. Recovery of unused regeneration moniesExpenditure on regeneration