Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005


85Expiry of endorsementsS

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)In this section and section 86, “endorsement” means an endorsement made in a personal licence by virtue of an order under—

(a)section 83(9)(c), or

(b)section 84(7)(c).

(2)An endorsement expires at the end of the period of 5 years beginning with the date on which the endorsement was made.

(3)The holder of a personal licence containing an endorsement which has expired under subsection (2) may apply to the Licensing Board which issued the licence for removal of the endorsement.

(4)An application under subsection (3) must be accompanied by the personal licence to which it relates.

(5)Where a Licensing Board receives an application under subsection (3) in relation to any personal licence, the Board must amend the licence so as to remove the endorsement from it.

(6)For the purposes of this Act, any endorsement which has expired under subsection (2) is to be disregarded (whether or not the endorsement has been removed under subsection (5)).