Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003 Explanatory Notes

Section 88: Prescriptive period for obligations arising by virtue of 1841 or 1840 Act

363.This section applies the five year negative prescription to obligations arising by virtue of the rights of reversion under the School Sites Act 1841 or right to petition for forfeiture under the Entail Sites Act 1840. Time occurring before this provision comes into force (which is the day after Royal Assent in respect of the School Sites Act and the appointed day in respect of the Entail Sites Act) does not count towards the prescriptive period. Its effect is that, following the coming into force of sections 86 and 87, if a right lies unclaimed for five years after the event which led to its becoming due no claim can be made under section 86(1) or 87(1). See the note on section 18 for prescription in general.

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