Part 3The crofting community right to buy

Chapter 4Appeals

92Appeals to Land Court: valuation

(1)The owner of land or person entitled to the sporting interests the value of which has been assessed under section 88 above and the crofting community body which is exercising its right to buy the land or interests may appeal to the Land Court against the valuation.

(2)An appeal under this section shall state the grounds on which it is being made and shall be lodged within 21 days of the date of notification under section 88(12) above.

(3)In an appeal under this section, the Land Court may reassess the value of the land or interests.

(4)The valuer whose valuation is appealed against may be a witness in the appeal proceedings.

(5)The Land Court shall give reasons for its decision on an appeal under this section and shall issue a written statement of these reasons within 4 weeks of the hearing of the appeal.

(6)The validity of anything done under this Part of this Act is not affected by any failure of the Land Court to comply with the time limit specified in subsection (5) above.

(7)Ministers are not competent parties to any appeal under this section by reason only that they appointed the valuer whose valuation is the subject of the appeal.