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Part 3SDistrict salmon fishery boards

District salmon fishery boardsS

45General powers and duties of district salmon fishery boardsS

(1)A district salmon fishery board may do such acts, execute such works and incur such expenses as may appear to them expedient for—

(a)the protection or improvement of the fisheries within their district;

(b)the increase of salmon; or

(c)the stocking of the waters of the district with salmon.

(2)The elected members of a district salmon fishery board shall, in accordance with Part 2 of schedule 2 to this Act, co-opt representatives of salmon anglers and tenant netsmen.

(3)On such terms and conditions as the board think fit, a district salmon fishery board—

(a)shall appoint a person to act as clerk to the board; and

(b)may appoint persons to act as water bailiffs, or in such other capacity as the board see fit.

(4)A district salmon fishery board may sue or be sued in the name of their clerk.

(5)References in any enactment to water bailiffs shall include references to water bailiffs appointed under this section.


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I1S. 45 in force at 1.4.2005 by S.S.I. 2005/174, art. 2