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SCHEDULE 1SDesignation orders, estuary limits orders, annual close time orders and regulations under sections 33 and 38

[F1Freshwater fish conservation regulationsS

9A(1)Before making regulations under section 51A of this Act, the Scottish Ministers shall consult such persons as they consider appropriate and then proceed in accordance with paragraphs 11 to 15 below.S

(2)In the application of paragraphs 11 to 15 below to regulations made under section 51A of this Act—

(a)references to an applicant and to an application shall be omitted;

(b)references to proposals shall be construed as the proposals of the Scottish Ministers in relation to the proposed regulations in question;

(c)paragraph 11(3) shall be omitted;

(d)in paragraph 12(a), the reference to paragraph 10 is to be read as if there were substituted a reference to paragraph 9A(1).]