Part 4Health Board and local authority functions

Chapter 2Local authority functions

Duty to inquire into individual cases

33Duty to inquire

(1)Where it appears to a local authority that—

(a)a person in their area who is aged 16 years or over has a mental disorder; and

(b)any of the circumstances mentioned in subsection (2) below apply,

the authority shall cause inquiries to be made into the person’s case.

(2)Those circumstances are—

(a)that the person may be, or may have been, subject, or exposed, at some place other than a hospital to—


(ii)neglect; or

(iii)some other deficiency in care or treatment;

(b)that, because of the mental disorder, the person’s property—

(i)may be suffering, or may have suffered, loss or damage; or

(ii)may be, or may have been, at risk of suffering loss or damage;

(c)that the person may be—

(i)living alone or without care; and

(ii)unable to look after himself or his property or financial affairs;

(d)that the person is not in hospital and, because of the mental disorder, the safety of some other person may be at risk.