Part 7Compulsory treatment orders

Chapter 4Review of orders

Powers of Tribunal

104Powers of Tribunal on reference under section 96 or 98

(1)Where a reference is made under section 96 or 98 of this Act, the Tribunal may make an order—

(a)varying the compulsory treatment order in respect of which the reference is made by modifying—

(i)the measures; or

(ii)any recorded matter,

specified in it; or

(b)revoking the compulsory treatment order.

(2)Before making an order under subsection (1) above, the Tribunal shall allow the persons mentioned in subsection (3) below the opportunity—

(a)of making representations (whether orally or in writing); and

(b)of leading, or producing, evidence.

(3)Those persons are—

(a)the persons mentioned in section 102(3)(a) to (h) of this Act; and

(b)any other person appearing to the Tribunal to have an interest in the reference.