SCHEDULE 1The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

Part 1Membership, proceedings etc.


3(1)The Commission shall consist of the following members appointed by Her Majesty on the recommendation of the Scottish Ministers—

(a)a member appointed to serve as convener;

(b)a minimum of three members, who have such qualifications, training and experience as may be prescribed by regulations, appointed to serve as medical commissioners; and

(c)other members who meet such other requirements as may be so prescribed.

(2)The person who holds the post of chief officer of the Commission shall—

(a)be a member ex officio of the Commission; and

(b)cease automatically to hold office as such member on ceasing to hold that post.

(3)The Scottish Ministers may, after consulting such persons, or groups of persons, as they consider appropriate, by order—

(a)amend sub-paragraph (1) above by—

(i)adding to that sub-paragraph categories of members; or

(ii)removing from it a category which is for the time being set out there;

(b)specify the number (including a minimum or maximum number) of—

(i)the members of the Commission; or

(ii)any category of member,

that may be appointed under sub-paragraph (1) above;

(c)specify the maximum term of appointment (including any reappointment) of a member appointed under that sub-paragraph; or

(d)amend sub-paragraph (2) above by adding to it further posts, the holders of which shall—

(i)be members ex officio of the Commission; and

(ii)cease to be such members on ceasing to hold such posts.