Part 5SMiscellaneous amendments to the 1991 Act

66Assignation and subletting of tenancyS

After section 10 (power of landlord to enter on holding) of the 1991 Act there is inserted—

10AAssignation and subletting of tenancy

(1)A lease of an agricultural holding may be assigned by the tenant to any of the persons who would be entitled to succeed to his estate on intestacy by virtue of the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964 (c. 41) if, following notice under subsection (2), the landlord consents to a proposed assignation.

(2)The tenant must give the landlord a notice in writing of any intention of the tenant to assign the lease; and the notice must include the particulars of the proposed assignee, the terms upon which the assignation is to be made and the date on which it is to take effect.

(3)The landlord may withhold consent to the proposed assignation if there are reasonable grounds for doing so; and, in particular the landlord may withhold consent if not satisfied that the proposed assignee—

(a)would have the ability to pay—

(i)the rent due under the lease; or

(ii)for adequate maintenance of the land; or

(b)has the skills or experience that would be required properly to manage and maintain the land in accordance with the rules of good husbandry.

(4)Any such withholding of consent (and the grounds for withholding it) is to be intimated in writing to the tenant within 30 days of the giving of the notice under subsection (2); and, if no such intimation is made, the landlord is deemed to have consented to the proposed assignation.

(5)Any term of a lease or of an agreement between the landlord and tenant which purports to provide that the lease of an agricultural holding may not be assigned under this section shall, in so far as it so purports, be null and void..