Local Government in Scotland Act 2003

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part 1 Best value and accountability

    1. Duty to secure best value

      1. 1.Local authorities' duty to secure best value

      2. 2.Considerations bearing on performance of duty under section 1

    2. Enforcement

      1. 3.Action by Accounts Commission following report by Controller of Audit

      2. 4.Hearings under section 3 above

      3. 5.Action by local authorities on receipt of findings

    3. Other provisions about best value

      1. 6.Accounts Commission’s studies and recommendations to include aspects of securing best value

    4. Relaxation of rules about contracts and supply of goods and services

      1. 7.Local authority contracts: relaxation of exclusion of non-commercial considerations

      2. 8.Relaxation of restrictions on supply of goods and services etc. by local authorities

      3. 9.Special provision for local authority contracts for construction of buildings or works

      4. 10.Trading operations and accounts

    5. Disposal of land for less than full value

      1. 11.Disposal of land by local authorities for less than full value

    6. Accounts, finance and performance accountability

      1. 12.Proper accounting practices

      2. 13.Publication by local authorities of information about finance and performance

      3. 14.Application of this Part to other bodies

  3. Part 2 Community planning

    1. 15.Community planning

    2. 16.Community planning: further provision

    3. 17.Reports and information

    4. 18.Guidance

    5. 19.Establishment of corporate bodies to co-ordinate and further community planning etc.

  4. Part 3 Power to advance well-being

    1. 20.Power to advance well-being

    2. 21.Guidance on exercise of power under section 20

    3. 22.Limits on power under section 20

  5. Part 4 Enforcement and scrutiny

    1. 23.Enforcement: preliminary notice

    2. 24.Enforcement directions

    3. 25.Scrutiny of local authorities' police and fire functions

    4. 26.Excess of power: preliminary notice

    5. 27.Excess of power: enforcement

  6. Part 5 Rating and council tax

    1. 28.Rate relief on former agricultural premises etc.

    2. 29.Rate relief for food stores in rural settlements

    3. 30.Derating of automatic telling machine sites

    4. 31.Derating of certain buildings used in connection with agricultural operations

    5. 32.Power to combine lands and heritages situated in more than one valuation area

    6. 33.Council tax: variation for unoccupied dwellings

  7. Part 6 Waste management

    1. 34.Integrated waste management plans

  8. Part 7 Finance

    1. 35.Capital expenditure limits

    2. 36.Imposition of capital expenditure limits

    3. 37.Capital grants

    4. 38.Scottish Ministers' power to pay off loans made to local authorities

    5. 39.Provisions supplementary to sections 35 to 38

    6. 40.Power of local authorities to invest money

    7. 41.Establishment of local authority funds other than general fund: setting of council tax

  9. Part 8 Miscellaneous

    1. 42.Paid time off for councillors not to be political donation

    2. 43.Remote participation in and calling of local authority meetings

    3. 44.Travel concessions

    4. 45.Power to charge for vacant places on school buses etc.

    5. 46.Power to provide funds for speed cameras etc.

    6. 47.Power to provide funds for private water supplies

    7. 48.Delegation of Strathclyde Passenger Transport Authority functions to officials

    8. 49.Parliamentary procedure for regulations about vehicles used as taxis and private hire cars

    9. 50.Suspension of requirement to advertise principal teacher posts

    10. 51.Arrangements and agreements with bodies corporate

    11. 52.Guidance on contractual matters

    12. 53.Qualification of and assistance for Accounts Commission auditors

    13. 54.Accounts Commission’s and auditor’s powers to obtain information from persons other than local authorities etc.

    14. 55.Auditor’s duty in relation to aspects of best value and community planning

    15. 56.Extension of Controller of Audit’s reporting functions to best value and community planning: amendment of section 102 of 1973 Act

  10. Part 9 General

    1. 57.Power to modify enactments

    2. 58.Ancillary provision

    3. 59.Equal opportunities

    4. 60.Repeals and consequential amendments

    5. 61.Definitions

    6. 62.Short title and commencement