Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001


24Registration fees

(1)The Scottish Ministers, after consulting such persons, or groups of persons, as they consider appropriate on the potential effect of so prescribing on the services which the persons, or persons they represent, provide, may prescribe—

(a)maximum fees which may be imposed by the Commission under this section; and

(b)circumstances in which fees so imposed shall or shall not be payable.

(2)Subject to the provisions of this section, the Commission shall impose fees in respect of—

(a)any application made for registration under this Part or Part 2 of this Act or for cancellation of any such registration;

(b)the annual continuation of any such registration;

(c)any application made for the variation or removal of a condition for the time being in force in relation to any such registration;

(d)issuing to a person a new certificate of registration—

(i)at the instance of that person;

(ii)by virtue of any application under this Part or that Part by that person; or

(iii)by virtue of any new information provided by that person in pursuance of regulations under this Part or that Part.

(3)Without prejudice to subsection (1) above—

(a)the Commission shall, in fixing fees under this section, have regard to its reasonable expenses in carrying out its functions under this Act; but

(b)where it appears to the Commission to be appropriate it may charge a nominal fee, or remit the fee altogether.