Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 Explanatory Notes

Section 48: Right to make representations to Council as respects proposals

146.Subsection (1) gives an applicant or a registered person the right to make written representations to the Council about a proposal to vary or remove an existing condition or impose a condition or an additional condition on registration. It would give the same right to an applicant, where the Council proposes to refuse an application or to grant an application subject to conditions. In all cases, written representations would need to be made within 14 days of the Council giving notice of a proposal. Subsection (2) provides that no action can be taken by the Council in relation to a proposal until the period for representation has elapsed or a representation has been made within that period.

147.This section provides an applicant or a registered person with a first stage of appeal to the Council about its decisions rather than the first stage of appeal being to the sheriff. This should avoid a situation where the courts are burdened with cases that should rightly be considered by the Council in the first instance.

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