Housing (Scotland) Act 2001

Moratorium on disposal of land etc.S

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4(1)Where any of the actions mentioned in paragraph 3 is taken in relation to a registered social landlord, there is a moratorium on the disposal of land held by the landlord.

(2)During the moratorium the consent of the Scottish Ministers under this paragraph is required for any disposal of land held by the landlord, whether by the landlord itself or any person having a power of disposal in relation to the land.

(3)Such consent may be given in advance and may be given subject to conditions.

(4)Sub-paragraph (2) does not apply to a disposal which, by virtue of section 67, does not require consent under section 66 (or, in the case of a disposal by a person other than the landlord, would not require such consent if the disposal were by the landlord).

(5)This paragraph applies in relation to any existing or future interest of the landlord in rent or other receipts arising from land as it applies in relation to an interest in land.