National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000

35 InterpretationS

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(1)In this Act—

  • community council” has the same meaning as in Part IV of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (c.65),

  • cultural heritage” includes structures and other remains resulting from human activity of all periods, language, traditions, ways of life and the historic, artistic and literary associations of people, places and landscapes,

  • designation order” means an order made under section 6(1),

  • local authority” means a council constituted under section 2 of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (c.39),

  • National Park” means the area designated as such by a designation order,

  • National Park aims” has the meaning given in section 1,

  • National Park authority” is to be construed in accordance with section 2(1)(b),

  • National Park Plan” has the meaning given in section 11,

  • National Park proposal” has the meaning given in section 2(4),

  • natural heritage” includes the flora and fauna of a National Park or a proposed National Park, its geological and physiographical features and its natural beauty and amenity,

  • the Parliament” means the Scottish Parliament.

(2)References in this Act to—

(a)a National Park, in relation to a National Park authority, are to the National Park in relation to which the authority is established,

(b)a National Park authority, in relation to a National Park, are to the authority for that National Park.