(1)This section applies to all records (in whatever form or medium)—

(a)transferred to and vested in a National Park authority by virtue of this Act,

(b)created or acquired by the authority in the exercise of its functions, or

(c)otherwise in its keeping.

(2)The authority must, after consulting the Keeper of the Records of Scotland, make arrangements for the preservation and management of the records and must ensure that the records are preserved and managed in accordance with those arrangements.

(3)The authority may from time to time revise those arrangements but before making any material change must consult the Keeper.

(4)Despite subsection (2) the authority may dispose of records which in its opinion are not worthy of preservation.

(5)The authority—

(a)must ensure that the Keeper has, at all reasonable hours, unrestricted access to the records preserved by it,

(b)may afford facilities for any person to inspect and, on payment of a reasonable fee, to obtain copies of or extracts from those records.

(6)If any enactment makes provision relating to records of a specific kind which is inconsistent with subsections (1) to (5), those subsections are subject to that enactment.