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N.I.Procedure for claiming compensation

[F19The Department shall be the respondent to every claim for compensation made under this Schedule; and notice of every such claim shall be served by the claimant on such persons as may be prescribed.]

10Where any question arising as to whether a person is entitled to compensation, or as to the amount of compensation, is not settled between that person and the Department, that question shall be referred to and determined by the Lands Tribunal.

11Before or instead of determining a question referred to it under paragraph 10, the Lands Tribunal may exercise any power which is exercisable by the court under section 69(1) and (3) or paragraph 4 of Schedule 10 (rectification of errors); and an order made in exercise of such a power is an order of a court of competent jurisdiction for the purposes of section 9(1) (Registrar to obey court orders in relation to registered land) and section 9(2) (clarification of orders).