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N.I.Compulsory first registration

24Compulsory first registration.N.I.

(1)Subject to subsection (2), the first registration of the ownership of any land shall be compulsory in the cases specified in column 1 of Part I of Schedule 2.

(2)Subsection (1) shall not apply so as to require the registration of any rights to or in relation to mines and minerals or petroleum vested in the Ministry of Commerce by virtue of any statutory provision.

(3)In any case where the first registration of any land is compulsory, the effect of non-registration shall be as specified, in respect of that case, in column 2 of Part I of Schedule 2.

(4)The provision of Part II of Schedule 2 shall apply for the purpose of extending, in certain cases, the period under Part I of that Schedule within which land must be registered.

(5)The provisions of Part III of Schedule 2 shall have effect for the purpose of interpreting the provisions of Part I of that Schedule.

[F1(6)The provisions of Part IV of Schedule 2 shall have effect in connection with the registration of a leasehold estate the title to which is required to be registered under subsection (1) and entry 4 in Part I of Schedule 2.]

25Extension of compulsory registration.N.I.

[F2(1)]The Ministry of Finance (in this Act referred to as “the Ministry” ) may, by order made subject to[F2 negative] resolution, declare that any[F2 local government district], or any part of a[F2 local government district], shall be a compulsory registration area, for the purposes of entry 2 in Part I of Schedule 2, from such day as may be specified in the order, not being a day earlier than[F2 three months] after the making of the order.

[F2(2)A compulsory registration area declared under subsection (1) shall not be affected by any subsequent alteration in the boundaries of, or the subsequent abolition of, the local government district in question.]