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N.I.Other provisions

129Use by fishermen of land adjoining fishing places.F1N.I.

(1)Any fisherman engaged in sea-fishing, and any person watching on behalf of, directing, guiding, assisting or helping to attend to the nets of any such fisherman may, subject to subsection (2), enter any land in the vicinity of any fishing place for the purpose of watching for or of drawing or carrying ashore fish, or for the purposes of directing and guiding any fisherman engaged or about to engage in fishing.

(2)Subsection (1) shall not authorise any person to enter an enclosed garden or any cultivated land bearing a growing crop.

(3)If any person resists or forcibly obstructs any other person exercising any right conferred by subsection (1) the first-mentioned person shall be guilty of an offence.

F1App. (hovercraft), SI 1972/971