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N.I.Sites approved by exempted organisations

5(1)Subject to paragraph 13, a site licence shall not be required for the use as a caravan site of land as respects which there is in force a certificate issued under this paragraph by an exempted organisation if not more than five caravans are at the time stationed for the purposes of human habitation on the land to which the certificate relates.N.I.

(2)For the purposes of this paragraph an exempted organisation may issue as respects any land a certificate stating that the land has been approved by the exempted organisation for use by its members for the purposes of recreation.

(3)The certificate shall be issued to the occupier of the land to which it relates, and the exempted organisation shall send particulars to the Ministry of all certificates issued by the organisation under this paragraph.

(4)A certificate issued by an exempted organisation under this paragraph—

(a)shall specify the date on which it is to come into force and the period for which it is to continue in force, being a period not exceeding one year; and

(b)may be withdrawn by the organisation at any time if the occupier of the land to which it relates fails to comply with any conditions specified in the certificate.