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Miscellaneous provisionsN.I.

S. 16 rep. by SLR 1976

S. 17 rep. by SRO (NI) 1973/285

18Power to increase certain payments retrospectively.N.I.

(1)Any instrument to which this section applies prescribing or altering the amounts payable to any person by way of remuneration, superannuation or expenses may, unless the transferred provision under which the instrument is made expressly provides to the contrary, prescribe or alter the amounts so payable during or in respect of a period beginning on any date specified in the instrument, not being earlier than that of the commencement of the transferred provision under which the instrument is made.

F1(2) This section applies to instruments made (whether before or after the passing of this Act) under any transferred provision [F2 except a scheme made under Article 3 of the Superannuation (Northern Ireland) Order 1972 [1972 NI 10] or regulations made under Article 9, 11, 12 or 19 of that Order, or such orders or regulations as are referred to in Article 15 of that Order].

(3)Nothing in this section shall be construed as authorising any remuneration, superannuation or expenses to be reduced retrospectively.

(4)In this section—

“expenses” includes travelling and subsistence allowance and allowances for incidental out-of-pocket expenditure;

“remuneration” includes salary, fees, pay and allowances;

“superannuation” includes any pension, gratuity or similar payment in respect of the services of any person;

“transferred provision” and “instrument” have the same meaning as in section one of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland), 1954 M1.


F21972 NI 10

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

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