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F3functions transf.SI 1973/2163 Saved, 1964 c. 21 (NI)

Non-textual amendments applied to the whole Legislation can be found in the Introduction

1When the number of completed years of service as a resident magistrate is that specified in the first column of the following table, the annual pension shall not exceed the fraction of the retiring salary respectively specified in the second column of that table.

Years of serviceFraction of retiring salary
[F2two to four][F2six eightieths]
fivefifteen eightieths
sixsixteen eightieths
sevenseventeen eightieths
eighteighteen eightieths
ninenineteen eightieths
tentwenty eightieths
eleventwenty-two eightieths
twelvetwenty-four eightieths
thirteentwenty-six eightieths
fourteentwenty-eight eightieths
fifteenthirty eightieths
sixteenthirty-two eightieths
seventeenthirty-four eightieths
eighteenthirty-six eightieths
nineteenthirty-eight eightieths
twenty or moreforty eightieths

2Any period of service after twenty years shall not be taken into account for the purposes of this Part.