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F1SRO (NI) 1973/249

Powers and duties of the MinistryN.I.

2(1)The lands and premises which are vested in the Ministry in pursuance of the Act of 1936 or are otherwise held by the Ministry for the purposes of this Scheme particulars whereof are set forth in Schedule 1 the areas thereof therein stated having been estimated by recent survey shall be sold by the Ministry at such time or times as the Ministry thinks proper. The proceeds thereof after deduction of all expenses incurred by the Ministry in connection with the sale shall be invested by the Ministry and the investments shall be added to and form part of the Trust Fund hereinafter referred to and be held upon the trusts and with the powers applicable thereto.N.I.

(2)Without prejudice to paragraph (1) the Ministry may dispose of any lands and premises vested in or held as therein mentioned.