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FIFTH SCHEDULE F1N.I.Celluloid and Cinematograph Film Act, 1922 [A.D. 1922]


F1functions transf. by SR 1993/310

Execution of Act by district councils.N.I.

4(1)It shall be the duty of [F2 district councils] to see that the provisions of this Act are duly complied with.

Subs. (2) rep. by 1972 NI 16; SRO (NI) 1973/341

(3)The occupier of premises in respect of which a statement is required to be furnished to the [F2 district council] shall pay to the [F2 district council] when furnishing such statement and on the first day of January of every year thereafter, so long as the premises are used for any purpose to which this Act applies, such fees as the Ministry may prescribe.


F2SRO (NI) 1973/341