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6 New field reeves to be appointed in place of those who shall die or refuse to attend.E+W+S

Provided always that if any field master or field reeve so to be chosen in pursuance of this Act shall, within the year in which he shall be so chosen, refuse or neglect to attend the said business, or shall die, or remove to an inconvenient distance, or become bankrupt, or have execution against his body or goods, or by sickness or otherwise be rendered incapable of executing his said office, that then, and in either of the said cases, it shall and may be lawful to and for the occupiers of the said lands (after six days notice for that purpose to be given in manner aforesaid) to elect and chuse in manner aforesaid one other fit and proper person to be the field master or field reeve for the remainder of that year, in the place and stead of the former field master or field reeve falling under either of the descriptions aforesaid.