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II Appointment of Justices of Peace for Scotland.E+W+S

And to the end the publick Peace may be in like manner preserved throughout the whole Kingdom be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid That in every Shire within Scotland and also in such Cities Boroughs Liberties and Precincts within Scotland as Her Majesty Her Heirs or Successors shall think fit there shall be appointed by Her Majesty Her Heirs or Successors under the Great Seal of Great Britain a sufficient number of good and lawful men to be Justices of the Peace within their respective Shires Cities Boroughs Liberties or Precincts which persons so appointed over and above the several powers and authorities vested in Justices of the Peace by the Laws of Scotland shall be further authorized to do use and exercise over all persons within their several Bounds whatever doth appertain to the Office and Trust of a Justice of Peace by virtue of the Laws and Acts of Parliament made in England before the Union in relation to or for the Preservation of the publick Peace Provided nevertheless that in the Sessions of [X1the] Peace the Methods of Tryal and Judgments shall be according to the Laws and Customs of Scotland


Editorial Information

X1interlined on the Roll.