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Our Soverane Lord with advice and consent of his Estates of Parliament for many just and reasonable causes moveing him Statuts and Ordaines That all contracts and obligations for soums of money payable to parties at any tyme made and dated since the sexteinth day of November 1641 or to be made in tyme comeing Containing clauses for payment of annuellrent and proffeit Are and shall be holden and interpret to be moveable bands Except in these caces following videlicet That they beare ane expresse obleidgement to infeft Or that they be conceaved in favours of airs and assignayes secludeing executors In either of which caices Ordaines the sums to be heretable and to pertaine to the air Otherwayes to be confirmed be the executor and to apperteane to the nearest of kin and to the defuncts executors and legators according to the law and practick of moveables Declareing alwayes that all such bonds quoad fiscum shall remaine in the same condition as they wer before the said sexteinth of November 1641 . . . F1


Amendments (Textual)