Executors Act 1617

1617 c. 14

Anent Exequutoures

Oure Souerane Lord vnderstanding a gryit number of ignorant Pepill the tyme of thair seiknesses and disease Or vtherwayis at the making of thair testamentis and Lettir willis do nominate certane strangearis to be thair exquutoures meaning onlie to Commit the care of thair goodis and diligent Ingetting thairoff to the saidis Strangeris and that to the behove of thair children or vther persounes who ar neirest of kin wheras be the contrarye the said office of executorie by the interpretatioun now observed doeth carie with it the Haill proffite and Commoditie off the defunctis pairt of the guidis conteaned in testament whiche his maiestie findis to be altogidder aganis law conscience and equitie Thairfore his Maiestie with aduyse and consent of the estaittis of Parliament findes and declairis that all exequutouris alreddie nominate in anye testament not as yit Confermit or to be nominat in anye testament to be made heirefter ar and salbe obleisit to mak compt rekning and payment of the whole goodis and geir pertening to the defunct and intromettit with by thame to the wyiff Childrene and nerrest of kyne according to the diuisioun obseruit by the lawes off this realme . . . F1

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