Crown Proceedings Act 1600

OURE Souerane Lord and Estaittis of parliament statutis and ordinis That the sleuth and negligence of ony of his hienes officiaris In the persewing or defending of ony of his actionis or causes in ony tyme bigane or to cum Sall nawayes be preiudiciall or hurtfull to his hienes bot that he and his officiaris successouris in that office May without ony ordour of reductioun and be way of exceptioun or reply vse and propone all and sindrie exceptionis replyis and defenses competent of the law quhilkis wer willinglie or negligentlie omittit be thair predecessouris And thairby supplie quhatsumeuir thing that hes bene neglectit or omittit be thair saidis predecessouris To the effect That his hienes and his crowne be nawayes hurte nor preiudgeit be negligent officiaris And that the benefitt of his lawes may be competent to him at all tymes quhair It sall pleis him and his officiaris to crave and vse the samyn