Confession of Faith Ratification Act 1560


FOR that samyn eternall God and father quha of meir mercy electit ws in Christ Jesus his sone befoir the fundatioun of the warld was laid appointit him to be oure heid our brother our pastor and greit Bischope of our saulis Bot becaus that the enimitie betuix the Justice of God and our synnis was sick that na flesche be it self could or mycht haue attenit vnto God It behovit that the sone of God sould discend vnto ws and tak himself ane body of our body flesche of our flesche and baneis of our baneis And sua became the perfyte mediatour betuix God and man Geuing power to sa mony as beleif in him to be the sonis of God as himself dois witness I pas vp to my father and vnto your father to my God and vnto youre God Be quhilk maist halie fraternitie quhatsaeuer we haue tint in Adam is restoirit to ws agane And for this cause ar we not affrayit to call God oure father Not samekill in that he hes creatit ws (quhilk we haue commoun with the reprobat) as for that he hes geuin to ws his onlie sone to be our brother and geuin vnto ws grace to acknawlege and embrace him for our onlie mediatour as befoir is said It behuifit farther the Messias and redemer to be verray God and verray man becaus he was to vnderly the punischement dew for our transgressiounis and to present him self in the presence of his fatheris Jugement as in oure persone to suffer for our transgressioun and inobedience be deith to ouercum him that was author of deith Bot becaus the onlie Godheid could not suffer deith nouther yit could the onlie manheid ouercum the same he Joynit baith togidder in ane persone that the imbecilitie of the ane sould suffer and be subiect to deith (quhilk we had deseruit) and the Infinite and Inuincibill power of the vther to wit of the Godheid sould tryvmphe and purchess till ws lyfe libertie and perpetuall victorie and sa we confess and maist vndoutitlie belief