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WE nathing dowt bot that the selff samyn body quhilk was borne of the virgine was crucifeit deid and bureit and quhilk did ryse agane did ascend into the heuinnis for the accomplischement of all thingis quhar in our namies and for oure confort he hes ressauit all power in heuin and in eird quhair he sittis at the rycht hand of the father inaugurate in his kingdome aduocate and onlie mediatour for ws quhilk glorie honour and prerogatiue he allaine amangis the brethren sall possess till that all his enemyes be maid his futstule As that we vndoutitlie beleif thay salbe in the finall Jugement to the executioun quhairof we certanlie beleif that the same oure Lord Jesus sall visibillie returne as that he was sene to ascend And than we firmlie beleif that the tyme of refrescheing and restitutioun of all thingis sall cum Insamekill that thay that fra the beginning haue sufferit violence iniurie and wrang for rychteousness saik sall inhereit that blissit Immortalitie promesit fra the beginning Bot contrarywise the stubburne inobedient cruell oppressouris fylthie personis adulteraris and all sortis of vnfaithfull salbe cast in the dungeoun of vtter darkness quhair thair worme sall not die nouther yit thair fyre salbe extinguischeit The remembrance of the quhilk day and of the Jugement to be executit in the same is not onlie to vs ane brydill quhairby oure carnall lustis ar refranit bot alswa sic inestimabill confort that nouther may the threatning of warldlie princeis nouther yit the feir of temporall deith and present danger move vs to renunce and forsaik that blissit societie quhilk we the memberis haue with our heid and onlie mediatour Christ Jesus quhome we confess and awow to be the Messyas promesit the onlie heid of his kirk oure Just lawgevar our onlie hie Preist aduocat and mediatour In quhilk honouris and offices gif man or angell presume to intruse thame selfis we vtterlie detest and abhore thame as blasphemous to oure souerane and supreame gouernour Christ Jesus