Confession of Faith Ratification Act 1560

Faith in the haly GaistS

THIS our faith and the assurance of the same procedis not fra flesche and blude that is to say fra na naturall poweris within ws bot is the inspiratioun of the haly gaist quhome we confess god equall with the father and with the Sone quha sanctifyis ws and bringis ws in all veritie be his awin operatioun without quhome we sould remane for euer enemeis of god and ignorant of his sone Christ Jesus ffor of nature we ar sa deid sa blind and sa peruerst that nouther can we feill quhan we are prickit se the lycht quhan it schynes nor assent to the will of God quhan it is reuelit vnles the spreit of the lord Jesus quickin that quhilk is deid remoue the darknes fra our myndis and bow our stubburne hartis to the obedience of his blissit will And sa as we confess that god the father creatit ws quhan we war not as his sone our lord Jesus redemit ws quhan we war ennemeis to him sa alswa do we confess that the haly gaist dois sanctifie and regenerat ws without all respect of ony merite proceding fra ws be it befoir or be it efter our regeneratioun To speik this ane thing yit in mair plaine wordis as we willinglie spoyle our selfis of all honour and gloir of our awin creatioun and redemptioun sa do we alswa of our regeneratioun and sanctificatioun ffor of our selfis we ar not sufficient to think ane gude thocht bot he quha hes begun the gude wark in ws is onlie he that continewis ws in the same to the praise and glorie of his vndeseruit grace