Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Wales) Act 2019

  1. PART 1 Overview

    1. 1.Overview of Act

  2. PART 2 Prohibition of certain payments etc.

    1. 2.Prohibitions applying to landlords

    2. 3.Prohibitions applying to letting agents

    3. 4.Prohibited and permitted payments

    4. 5.Non-binding contract terms

    5. 6.Application of sections 2 to 5 to pre-existing requirements and contracts

    6. 7.Power to amend definition of “permitted payment”

    7. 8.Meaning of “letting agent”, “lettings work” and “property management work”


    1. 9.Treatment of holding deposits

  4. PART 4 Enforcement

    1. Enforcement authority powers to require information etc.

      1. 10.Power to require documents or information

      2. 11.Offence of failing to comply with a notice under section 10

      3. 12.Offence of providing false or misleading information in relation to a notice under section 10

    2. Fixed penalty notices

      1. 13.Fixed penalty notices

    3. Notification of conviction to licensing authority

      1. 14.Duty of local housing authority to notify licensing authority of conviction

    4. Guidance

      1. 15.Duty to have regard to guidance

    5. Meaning of “authorised officer” in this Part

      1. 16.Meaning of “authorised officer”

    6. The enforcement authority for the purposes of this Part

      1. 17.Enforcement authorities

    7. Information sharing and power to bring criminal proceedings

      1. 18.Supply and use of information by enforcement authorities

      2. 19.Power of licensing authority to bring criminal proceedings

    8. Restrictions on termination by landlord of standard occupation contracts

      1. 20.Amendment of Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016: restrictions on terminating contracts

    9. Guidance to a licensing authority under Part 1 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

      1. 21.Amendment to section 41 of Housing (Wales) Act 2014

  5. PART 5 Recovery of amount by contract-holder

    1. 22.Recovery of a prohibited payment or holding deposit

  6. PART 6 Publicising Letting agents’ Fees

    1. 23.Publicising letting agents’ fees

  7. PART 7 Final provisions

    1. 24.Requirement for local housing authority to promote awareness of effect of Act

    2. 25.Power to make transitional provision in respect of assured tenancies

    3. 26.Offences by bodies corporate

    4. 27.Regulations

    5. 28.Interpretation

    6. 29.Crown application

    7. 30.Coming into force

    8. 31.Short title

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Permitted Payments

      1. 1.Rent

      2. 2.Security deposit

      3. 3.Holding deposit

      4. 4.A holding deposit is an amount which—

      5. 5.Where an amount required in purported compliance with this paragraph...

      6. 6.Payment in the event of default

      7. 7.Payment in respect of council tax

      8. 8.Payment in respect of provision of utilities

      9. 9.Payment in respect of television licence

      10. 10.Payment in respect of communication service

      11. 11.Changing the meaning of “permitted variation” in paragraph 1

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Treatment of Holding Deposit

      1. 1.Application

      2. 2.Meaning of “deadline for agreement”

      3. 3.Requirement to repay holding deposit

      4. 4.The deposit must be repaid within the period of 7...

      5. 5.Exceptions

      6. 6.If all or part of the holding deposit is applied...

      7. 7.Paragraph 3(b) does not apply if the contract-holder provides false...

      8. 8.Paragraph 3(b) does not apply if the contract-holder notifies the...

      9. 9.Paragraph 3(b) does not apply in relation to a holding...

      10. 10.Paragraph 3(b) does not apply in relation to a holding...

      11. 11.Supplemental provision about exceptions in paragraphs 8 to 10

    3. SCHEDULE 3


      1. 1.The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (anaw 1) is amended...

      2. 2.Restriction on giving notice for possession: periodic standard contracts

      3. 3.In section 126 (notice procedure for variation, under section 125,...

      4. 4.Restrictions on giving notice in connection with end of fixed term standard contracts

      5. 5.Restriction on using landlord’s break clause in fixed term standard contracts

      6. 6.Restrictions on a court hearing landlord’s claim for possession

      7. 7.Miscellaneous consequential provision