Commentary on Sections

Enforcement Notices and Penalties

Section 11 - Enforcement notices

66.Section 11 amends section 50C of the Housing Act 1996 which gives the Welsh Ministers the power to give an enforcement notice to an RSL.

67.Section 11 amends Case 2 (one of 9 cases, of which the Welsh Ministers must be satisfied have arisen prior to giving an enforcement notice). The case was that there had been misconduct or mismanagement in the affairs of an RSL. As a result of the amendment, the case is now where the RSL has failed to comply with a requirement imposed by or under an enactment.

68.As a result of the amendment, the position is as follows:

69.Subsection (10A) is added to section 50C to ensure that where another case applies, the grounds specified in that case should be used as the basis for the enforcement notice. For example, if there has been a breach of a standard issued under section 33A of the 1996 Act, Case 1 would be the appropriate ground for the enforcement notice. Case 2 will only apply if no other case applies.