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Miscellaneous functionsE+W

64Duty of health bodies to notify parents etc.E+W

(1)This section applies where a health body mentioned in subsection (2), in the course of exercising its functions in relation to a child who is under compulsory school age and for whom a local authority is responsible, forms the opinion that the child has, or probably has, additional learning needs.

(2)The health bodies are—

(a)a Local Health Board;

(b)an NHS trust;

(c)a clinical commissioning group;

(d)an NHS foundation trust;

(e)a Special Health Authority.

(3)The health body must inform the child's parent of its opinion and of its duty in subsection (4).

(4)After giving the parent an opportunity to discuss the health body's opinion with an officer of the body, the health body must bring it to the attention of the local authority that is responsible for the child or, if the child is looked after, to the attention of the local authority that looks after the child, if the health body is satisfied that doing so would be in the best interests of the child.

(5)If the health body is of the opinion that a particular voluntary organisation is likely to be able to give the parent advice or other assistance in connection with any additional learning needs that the child may have, it must inform the parent accordingly.