Miscellaneous functions

63Duty to keep additional learning provision under review

(1)A local authority must keep under review the arrangements made by the authority and by the governing bodies of maintained schools in its area for children and young people who have additional learning needs.

(2)The local authority must consider the extent to which the arrangements referred to in subsection (1) are sufficient to meet the additional learning needs of the children and young people for whom it is responsible, having regard to the additional learning provision that may reasonably be arranged by others.

(3)The duty in subsection (2) includes a duty to consider—

(a)the sufficiency of additional learning provision in Welsh;

(b)the size and capability of the workforce available.

(4)If a local authority considers that the arrangements referred to in subsection (1) (including the availability of additional learning provision in Welsh) are not sufficient, it must take all reasonable steps to remedy the matter.

(5)In exercising its functions under this section, the local authority must consult such persons, and at such times, as they consider appropriate.