28Interpretation of this Chapter

(1)In this Chapter—

(2)References in this Chapter to “childcare” do not include—

(a)education (or any other supervised activity) provided by a school during school hours for a registered pupil, or

(b)any form of health care for a child.

(3)For the purposes of subsection (1) a person is a foster parent in relation to a child if the person—

(a)is a local authority foster parent (within the meaning given by section 197 of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 (anaw 4)), or

(b)fosters the child privately.

(4)References in this Chapter to a “dwelling” include land enjoyed with premises where the premises themselves constitute a dwelling, unless the land is agricultural land (within the meaning given by section 246 of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (anaw 1)) exceeding 0.809 hectares.

(5)References in this Chapter, however expressed, to premises or vehicles which are (or are not) smoke-free (or treated as smoke-free), are to those premises or vehicles so far as they are (or are not) smoke-free (or treated as smoke-free) under or by virtue of this Chapter.

(6)Premises may be smoke-free by virtue of more than one section in this Chapter.

(7)Regulations may specify for the purpose of this Chapter what “enclosed”, “substantially enclosed” and “not enclosed or substantially enclosed” mean.

29Consequential amendments

For amendments consequential on this Chapter, see Schedule 2.