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Surrender and withdrawal of approvalE+W

27Withdrawal of approvalE+W

(1)Qualifications Wales may withdraw approval under this Part of a form of a qualification if it is satisfied that—

(a)a condition to which the approval is subject has not been complied with,

(b)the body by which the form of the qualification is awarded has ceased to be recognised in respect of the award of the qualification concerned, or

(c)in the case of an approval of a form of a qualification granted under section 18 or 19, the qualification concerned has become a restricted priority qualification.

(2)Before withdrawing approval, Qualifications Wales must give the awarding body concerned notice of its intention to do so.

(3)The notice must—

(a)explain why Qualifications Wales proposes to withdraw approval, and

(b)specify when Qualifications Wales proposes to decide whether to withdraw approval.

(4)In deciding whether to withdraw approval, Qualifications Wales must have regard to any representations made by the awarding body.

(5)If Qualifications Wales decides to withdraw approval, it must give notice to the awarding body of the decision, specifying the date with the expiry of which withdrawal of approval will take effect (the “withdrawal date”).

(6)At any time before the withdrawal date, Qualifications Wales may, with the agreement of the awarding body concerned, give notice to the body varying the date on which withdrawal is to take effect.

(7)Where notice under subsection (6) is given, the date specified in the notice as the withdrawal date is to be treated, as from the date on which the notice is given, as being the withdrawal date for the purposes of any further notice under that subsection.

(8)In determining a date for the purposes of this section, Qualifications Wales is to have regard to the need to avoid prejudice to persons who are seeking, or might reasonably be expected to seek, to obtain the form of the qualification.

Commencement Information

I1S. 27 in force at 21.9.2015 by S.I. 2015/1687, art. 2 (with arts. 3-12)