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Other qualificationsE+W

19Approval of qualifications that are not priority qualificationsE+W

(1)This section applies where—

(a)an application is made to Qualifications Wales, for approval of a form of a qualification, by an awarding body that is recognised in respect of the award of the qualification concerned, and

(b)Qualifications Wales is satisfied that the qualification concerned is not a priority qualification.

(2)Qualifications Wales may at its discretion determine whether to consider the form of the qualification for approval.

(3)If Qualifications Wales does consider the form of the qualification for approval it may approve the form of the qualification for award in Wales by the body concerned, if it considers it appropriate to do so.

(4)But this is subject to section 21 (power to specify minimum requirements).

(5)Qualifications Wales must prepare a scheme making provision about the making of determinations under subsection (2).

(6)The scheme must, among other things, set out factors likely to be taken into account by Qualifications Wales in determining whether to consider a form of qualification for approval.

(7)Qualifications Wales must exercise its functions in accordance with the scheme.

(8)Qualifications Wales may revise the scheme.

(9)The scheme must be published by Qualifications Wales.

Commencement Information

I1S. 19 in force at 21.9.2015 by S.I. 2015/1687, art. 2 (with arts. 3-12)