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Priority qualificationsE+W

14Restricted priority qualificationsE+W

(1)Qualifications Wales may make a determination under this section in respect of a priority qualification if the condition in subsection (3) is met.

(2)A determination under this section is a determination specifying the maximum number (being either one or more) of forms of the qualification that are to be capable of being approved under this Part at any one time.

(3)The condition is that Qualifications Wales is satisfied that, having regard to the principal aims of Qualifications Wales, and to the objectives in subsection (4), it is desirable to restrict the number of forms of the qualification that are approved by Qualifications Wales under this Part to the maximum number that is specified in the determination.

(4)The objectives are to—

(a)avoid inconsistency between different forms of the same qualification (whether by reference to the level of attainment indicated by different forms of the same qualification, or otherwise), and

(b)enable Qualifications Wales to exercise choice between different awarding bodies, in entering into arrangements under section 15, and between different forms of a qualification, in granting approval under section 17.

(5)Qualifications Wales must publish a determination under this section.

(6)Qualifications Wales must exercise its functions under sections 15 to 17 so as to secure that the number of forms of a restricted priority qualification approved by it under this Part does not exceed the maximum number specified in the determination under this section in respect of the qualification.

(7)If Qualifications Wales proposes to make a determination under this section in respect of a qualification, it must before doing so—

(a)notify each recognised body, and any other person that Qualifications Wales considers might reasonably be expected to have an interest in the proposed determination, of the proposal, and

(b)consider any representations made to it by those persons in respect of the proposal.

(8)A determination under this section may be revoked or varied; and the preceding provisions of this section apply for the purposes of a variation of a determination as if it was the making of a determination.

Commencement Information

I1S. 14 in force at 21.9.2015 by S.I. 2015/1687, art. 2 (with arts. 3-12)