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1An entry in the register relating to a landlord must record the following—

(a)the name of the landlord;

(b)if the landlord is a body corporate, the address of the landlord's registered or principal office;

(c)the address of each rental property in the licensing authority's area for which the landlord is the landlord;

(d)the name and licence number of any person appointed by the landlord to carry out lettings work or property management work on behalf of the landlord and the address of each rental property to which the appointment relates;

(e)the landlord's registration number;

(f)the date the landlord was registered;

(g)where a licence has been granted to the landlord—

(i)the date the licence was granted or is renewed;

(ii)the licence number;

(iii)whether the licence has been amended under section 24; and if it has the date the amendment took effect;

(iv)whether the licence has expired without being renewed, or has been revoked; and if it has the date of expiry or revocation;

(h)where an application by the landlord for a licence has been refused by the licensing authority—

(i)the date of the refusal;

(ii)whether the refusal was appealed under section 27;

(i)where the licensing authority's refusal of an application was appealed, if the tribunal or court confirmed the authority's decision, the date of that decision;

(j)where a residential property tribunal has made a rent stopping order (see section 30) in respect of a rental property for which the landlord is the landlord—

(i)that such an order has been made;

(ii)the date the order took effect;

(iii)the date on which the order ceased to have effect (see section 31).

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I1Sch. 1 para. 1 in force at 23.11.2015 by S.I. 2015/1826, art. 2(d)