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Agricultural wages ordersE+W

3Agricultural wages ordersE+W

(1)An agricultural wages order is an order making provision about the minimum rates of remuneration and other terms and conditions of employment for agricultural workers.

(2)An agricultural wages order may, in particular, include provision—

(a)specifying the minimum rates of remuneration to be paid to agricultural workers (including rates for periods when such workers are absent in consequence of sickness or injury);

(b)about any benefits or advantages which, for the purposes of a minimum rate of remuneration, may be reckoned as remuneration in lieu of payment in cash;

(c)requiring employers of agricultural workers to allow such workers to take such holidays and other leave as may be specified in the order.

(3)An agricultural wages order may specify different rates and make different provision for different descriptions of agricultural workers.

(4)An agricultural wages order may not include any provision about the pensions of agricultural workers.

(5)No minimum rate of remuneration may be specified in an order under this section which is less than the national minimum wage.

4Agricultural wages orders: powers of the Welsh MinistersE+W

(1)The Welsh Ministers may, after receiving a draft agricultural wages order from the Panel—

(a)approve and make the order, or

(b)refer the order back to the Panel for further consideration and resubmission.

(2)The Welsh Ministers may, of their own initiative, make agricultural wages orders until such time as the Panel is established.

(3)Before making an agricultural wages order under subsection (2), the Welsh Ministers must consult such persons or bodies as they consider are likely to have an interest in the order.

(4)The Welsh Ministers may, by regulations, make further provision about agricultural wages orders including, in particular, provision—

(a)about the form and content of an order, and

(b)about the procedure to be followed and consultation to be carried out in relation to an order.