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Enforcement of contribution orders etcE+W

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(3)Where a contributor has agreed, or has been ordered, to make contributions to a local authority, any other local authority [F2or a local authority in England] within whose area the contributor is for the time being living may—

(a)at the request of the local authority which served the contribution notice, and

(b)subject to agreement as to any amount to be deducted in respect of services rendered,

collect from the contributor any contributions due on behalf of the authority which served the notice.

(4)The power to collect amounts under sub-paragraph (3) includes the power to—

(a)receive and give a discharge for any contributions due, and

(b)(if necessary) enforce payment of any contributions,

even though those contributions may have fallen due at a time when the contributor was living elsewhere.

(5)Any contribution collected under sub-paragraph (3) is to be paid (subject to any agreed deduction) to the local authority which served the contribution notice.

(6)In any proceedings under this paragraph, a document which purports to be—

(a)a copy of an order made by a court under or by virtue of paragraph 3, and

(b)certified as a true copy by the designated officer for the court,

is to be accepted as evidence of the order.

(7)In any proceedings under this paragraph, a certificate which—

(a)purports to be signed by the clerk or some other duly authorised officer of the local authority which obtained the contribution order, and

(b)states that any amount due to the authority under the order is overdue and unpaid,

is to be accepted as evidence that the amount is overdue and unpaid.

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