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57Meetings and proceedings of communitiesE+W

In Schedule 12 to the 1972 Act (meetings and proceedings of local authorities)—

(a)in paragraph 26(2)—

(i)in paragraph (a), after “be” where it first occurs insert “ published electronically and ”,

(ii)after paragraph (a) insert—

(aa)any documents relating to the business to be transacted at the meeting must be published electronically (in so far as reasonably practicable),,

(b)after paragraph 26(2) insert—

(2A)The duty of a community council under sub-paragraph (2)(aa) to publish documents relating to the meeting does not apply where—

(a)the documents relate to business which in the opinion of the council is likely to be transacted in private, or

(b)the disclosure of such documents would be contrary to any enactment.,

(c)in paragraph 30B—

(i)for sub-paragraph (3) substitute—

(3)The notice must be given—

(a)in writing (but not in an electronic form), or

(b)in an electronic form which meets the technical requirements set by the principal council under paragraph 30C.,

(ii)in sub-paragraph (7), after “principal council” insert ”or community council”,

(iii)also in sub-paragraph (7), for “council” where it second occurs substitute “ principal council ”,

(d)in paragraph 30C—

(i)for sub-paragraph (1) substitute—

(1)For the purposes of paragraph 30B(1), each community council and principal council must provide a facility for notices to be given in electronic form (“electronic notices”).,

(ii)in sub-paragraph (2), for “The council must set” insert “ A principal council must set for its area ”,

(e)in paragraph 30E(7), after paragraph (a) insert—

(aa)by publishing the notice electronically, and.