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Statute the Second.

IV Every one shall obey his Summons to Parliament.E+W

Item, The King doth will and command, and it is assented in the Parliament by the Prelates, Lords, and Commons, That all and singular Persons and Commonalties which from henceforth shall have the Summons of the Parliament, shall come from henceforth to the Parliaments, in the Manner as they are bound to do, and [X1have] been accustomed within the Realm of England of old Times. And if any Person of the same Realm, which from henceforth shall have the said Summons, be he Archbishop, Bishop, Abbot, Prior, Duke, Earl, Baron, Banneret, Knight of the Shire, Citizen of City, Burgess of Borough, or other singular Person or Commonalty, do absent himself, and come not at the said Summons, except he may reasonably and honestly excuse him to our Lord the King, he shall be amerced, and otherwise punished, according as of old Times hath been used to be done within the said Realm in the said Case . . . F1


Editorial Information

X1Variant reading of the text noted in The Statutes of the Realm as follows: hath

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