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Legislation from 1981

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Greater Manchester Act 19811981 c. ixUK Local Acts
Horserace Betting Levy Act 19811981 c. 30UK Public General Acts
House of Commons Member’s Fund Resolution 19811981 No. 1848UK Statutory Instruments
House of Commons Members Fund and Parliamentary Pensions Act 1981 (repealed)1981 c. 7UK Public General Acts
Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 19811981 No. 156 (N.I. 3)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Housing (Prescribed Forms) (Amendment) Regulations 19811981 No. 1347UK Statutory Instruments
Indecent Displays (Control) Act 19811981 c. 42UK Public General Acts
Industrial and Provident Societies (Credit Unions) (Amendment of Fees) Regulations 19811981 No. 1832UK Statutory Instruments
Industrial Diseases (Notification) Act 19811981 c. 25UK Public General Acts
Industry Act 1981 (repealed)1981 c. 6UK Public General Acts
Insurance Companies Act 1981 (repealed)1981 c. 31UK Public General Acts
International Organisations Act 19811981 c. 9UK Public General Acts
Judicial Pensions Act 19811981 c. 20UK Public General Acts
Leasehold (Enlargement and Extension) Amendment (Northern Ireland) Order 19811981 No. 159 (N.I. 5)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Legal Aid, Advice and Assistance (Northern Ireland) Order 19811981 No. 228 (N.I. 8)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Licensing (Alcohol Education and Research) Act 1981 (repealed)1981 c. 28UK Public General Acts
Licensing (Amendment) Act 1981 (repealed)1981 c. 40UK Public General Acts
Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act 19811981 c. 23UK Public General Acts
Local Government and Planning (Amendment) Act 19811981 c. 41UK Public General Acts
Local Government, Planning and Land (Northern Ireland) Order 19811981 No. 437 (N.I. 13)Northern Ireland Orders in Council

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