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Transport (Financial Provisions) Act 1977 (repealed 1.4.1994)1977 c. 20UK Public General Acts
Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1977 (repealed 1.3.2000)1977 c. 19UK Public General Acts
Statute Law (Repeals) Act 19771977 c. 18UK Public General Acts
Rent (Agriculture) Amendment Act 19771977 c. 17UK Public General Acts
New Towns (Scotland) Act 19771977 c. 16UK Public General Acts
Marriage (Scotland) Act 19771977 c. 15UK Public General Acts
Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1977 (repealed 27.5.1997)1977 c. 10UK Public General Acts
Job Release Act 1977 (repealed)1977 c. 8UK Public General Acts
Nuclear Industry (Finance) Act 19771977 c. 7UK Public General Acts
Social Security (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 19771977 c. 5UK Public General Acts
Roe Deer (Close Seasons) Act 19771977 c. 4UK Public General Acts
Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Act 1977 (repealed)1977 c. 3UK Public General Acts
Incumbents (Vacation of Benefices) Measure 19771977 No. 1Church Measures
The Administration of Justice Act 1977 (Commencement No. 4) Order 19771977 No. 2202 (C. 75)UK Statutory Instruments
The Goods Vehicles (Authorisation of International Journeys) (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 19771977 No. 2196UK Statutory Instruments
The County Court (Amendment No. 4) Rules 19771977 No. 2194 (L. 33)UK Statutory Instruments
The Building (Procedure) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19771977 No. 2189 (S. 166)UK Statutory Instruments
The Commonwealth Development Corporation Regulations 19771977 No. 2186UK Statutory Instruments
The Judicial Pensions (Preservation of Benefits) (Amendment) Order 19771977 No. 2185UK Statutory Instruments
The County Court Fees (Amendment No. 2) Order 19771977 No. 2184 (L. 32)UK Statutory Instruments

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