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Legislation from 1972

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Local Employment Act 19721972 c. 5UK Public General Acts
Deaconesses and Lay Ministry Measure 19721972 No. 4Church Measures
Fish Industry Act (Northern Ireland) 19721972 Chapter 4Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Benefices Measure 19721972 No. 3Church Measures
Housing on Farms Act (Northern Ireland) 19721972 Chapter 3Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Island Of Rockall Act 19721972 c. 2UK Public General Acts
Repair of Benefice Buildings Measure 19721972 No. 2Church Measures
Public Utilities (Emergency Powers) Act (Northern Ireland) 19721972 Chapter 2Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
ADMISSION TO HOLY COMMUNION MEASURE 1972 (No. 1)1972 No. 1Church Measures
Sierra Leone Republic Act 19721972 c. 1UK Public General Acts
The Medicines (Data Sheet) Regulations 19721972 No. 2076UK Statutory Instruments
The Crofting Counties Agricultural Grants (Scotland) (No. 3) Scheme 19721972 No. 2074 (S. 168)UK Statutory Instruments
The Price Stability of Imported Products (Rates of Levy) (Eggs) (No. 14) Order 19721972 No. 2067UK Statutory Instruments
The Asian Development Bank (Additional Contributions) Order 19721972 No. 2066UK Statutory Instruments
The Counter-Inflation (Restrictions on Remuneration) (No. 2) Order 19721972 No. 2062UK Statutory Instruments
The British Nationality Regulations 19721972 No. 2061UK Statutory Instruments
The Land Charges (No. 2) Rules 19721972 No. 2059UK Statutory Instruments
The Land Charges Act 1972 (Commencement) Order 19721972 No. 2058 (C. 47)UK Statutory Instruments
The Increase of Pensions (Teachers Family Benefits) (Scotland) Regulations 19721972 No. 2057 (S. 166)UK Statutory Instruments
The Standards for School Premises Regulations 19721972 No. 2051UK Statutory Instruments

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