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Marketing of Eggs (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 19691969 Chapter 33Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Housing Act 19691969 c. 33UK Public General Acts
Finance Act 19691969 c. 32UK Public General Acts
Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 19691969 c. 30UK Public General Acts
Protection of the Person and Property Act (Northern Ireland) 19691969 Chapter 29Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Tanzania Act 19691969 c. 29UK Public General Acts
Age of Majority Act (Northern Ireland) 19691969 Chapter 28Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Vehicle and Driving Licences Act 19691969 c. 27UK Public General Acts
Electoral Law Act (Northern Ireland) 19691969 Chapter 26Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Industrial and Provident Societies Act (Northern Ireland) 19691969 Chapter 24Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Tweed Fisheries Act 19691969 c. xxivUK Local Acts
Tattooing Of Minors Act 19691969 c. 24UK Public General Acts
Adoption (Hague Convention) Act (Northern Ireland) 19691969 Chapter 22Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Redundant Churches and Other Religious Buildings Act 19691969 c. 22UK Public General Acts
Immigration Appeals Act 19691969 c. 21UK Public General Acts
Foreign Compensation Act 19691969 c. 20UK Public General Acts
Decimal Currency Act 19691969 c. 19UK Public General Acts
Nuclear Installations Act 1969 (repealed)1969 c. 18UK Public General Acts
Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Act 1969 (repealed 7.1.1996)1969 c. 17UK Public General Acts
Theft Act (Northern Ireland) 19691969 Chapter 16Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament

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