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Legislation from 1963

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Housing Act (Northern Ireland) 19631963 Chapter 26Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Stock Transfer Act (Northern Ireland) 19631963 Chapter 24Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Finance Act (Northern Ireland) 19631963 Chapter 22Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Caravans Act (Northern Ireland) 19631963 Chapter 17Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Recorded Delivery Service Act (Northern Ireland) 19631963 Chapter 5Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
Cathedrals Measure 19631963 No. 2Church Measures
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 19631963 No. 1Church Measures
The Coroners (Practice and Procedure) Rules (Northern Ireland) 19631963 No. 199Northern Ireland Statutory Rules and Orders
Electricity and Gas Act 19631963 c. 59UK Public General Acts
Nigeria Republic Act 19631963 c. 57UK Public General Acts
Zanzibar Act 19631963 c. 55UK Public General Acts
Kenya Independence Act 19631963 c. 54UK Public General Acts
Public Order Act 19631963 c. 52UK Public General Acts
Land Compensation (Scotland) Act 19631963 c. 51UK Public General Acts
Peerage Act 19631963 c. 48UK Public General Acts
Limitation Act 19631963 c. 47UK Public General Acts
Local Government (Financial Provisions) Act 19631963 c. 46UK Public General Acts
Wills Act 19631963 c. 44UK Public General Acts
Animal Boarding Establishments Act 19631963 c. 43UK Public General Acts
Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 19631963 c. 41UK Public General Acts

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